.:April 2008:.

Memories of my journeys.
Series of photograhy
that'll help you to follow
my steps in this world.

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Hello, my name is José Luís Fuentetaja and I want to give you the warmest welcome to my site.
Here you'll be able to stroll around the artwork of my life, my journeys and my upcoming exhibitions.
I hope you enjoy your virtual visit.

Second part of the video
.:january 2011:.


Happy new year to everybody!
Here you have the second part of the video I posted last month. I hope you like it.

You can check in the videos section.

New video
.:december 2010:.


I have added a new video on the website. It's a video with quite a large amount of my paintings. I hope you all enjoy.

You can check in the videos section.

Pratique des Arts
.:november 2010:.

Pratique des Arts

As I said a few weeks ago, here I post the extense article of the Pratique des Arts magazine that was centered on myself on their number of october.

It's in french, but I hope that some of you can understand the gist of it. View the article.

Exhibition at Vila d'Art
.:october 2010:.

Expo Vila d'Art

I'm very happy to announce that from the 9th of October and until the 14th of November I will have an exhibition at the Vila d'Art art gallery in the beautiful town of Viladrau.

I also updated my collection of available paintings with a few paintings that I hope you like.

Returning to Pamplona
.:september 2010:.

Expo San Anton

Expo San Anton Expo San Anton

From tomorrow Friday 17th of September till the 13th of October, I return to the Galería San Antón in Pamplona.

You can check some of the new of my paintings in the page of my collection of available paintings.

Pratique des arts

I'm also happy to let you know that the french magazine Pratique de Arts has written a nice article about me in their last edition, dedicated to a group of pastelist of the world.
On my next message I'll talk a bit more in detail about this article.

Homage to Custodio López Zamarra
.:april 2010:.

Custodio López Zamarra
Custodio López Zamarra

El pasado miércoles día 7, el Maestro Sumiller Custodio López Zamarra fue objeto de un emotivo homenaje basado en un precioso retrato que le fue obsequiado por el Maestro Pintor José Luís Fuentetaja.

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Video from the Dunes of Kuri
.:mars 2010:.


We added a new video from one of the trips to the Dessert of Thar, where I could meet with the women transporting water on the heads walking over the Dunes of Kuri.

These where the women that would inspire a few of my paintings some years later.

You can check the video in the videos section.

New pieces
.:february 2010:.


Here I leave a few new pieces I've added to my collection Miradas de Asia.
It's pieces that I've worked with the last weeks and I hope you like them as much as I do..

You can check them out in detail in the artwork page.

After the holidays
.:january 2010:.


My friends, the holidays have been crazyness but I'm happy to say that I've been able to exhibit my work in three places that make me proud.

The first one is a exhibition at the Galería Articolor in Vic that took place from the 5th december to 6th january.

The second one was a solidary gathering of many artists called Nartdal, placed at the Mercat d'Art Solidari in Sitges. This great initiative took place from the 5th december to the 3rd january.

And finally the Associacó Cultural Bart held an exhibition, Bart09 at the Estación de França in Barcelona, during the days 10th and 13th of december.

I hope you all had great Holidays.
Soon I'll post a the new pieces I've done during these weeks.

Exhibition in Gijón
.:november 2009:.


It's a bit late, but I wanted to share with all of you that I'm having an exhibition in Gijón, in the north of Spain, at the Pablo S gallery.

The exhibition started the 30th of October and will still go on until the 30th of November, so you still have time if you're in this lovely town.

Very soon I'll post some of my new paintings.
So please, stay tuned!

check the leafleft of the exhibition

Many news
.:septembre 2009:.

During this summer, fighting the heat, I've been working on a new collection of a different theme.

It's series of boat at sea to aliviate the torrid weather of the last months.
view the new collection

El Quatre

Exhibition at El Quatre, Sala d'Art

I also wanted to announce the new exhibition that I'll have at the gallery of Granoller, El Quatre, Sala d'Art.

The exhibition kicks off the 25th of septembre and will last till the 14th of october.
Don't forget to visit El Quatre and their renewed gallery and their brand new website

Download the catalogue of the exhibition

Biography by Michela Tamburrino

And finally I'm proud to announce to present a little biography written by the journalist of italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, Michela Tamburrino.
Read the new bio

.:may 2009:.


After Italy we return with a new painting.
It's a pastel in the line "Miradas de Asia".

I hope you like it.

visita el resto de la exposición

Exhibition in Milan
.:april 2009:.


I'm happy to announce that the gallery Studio in Milan will show an exhibition called "Path in India" with my collection of paintings covering that country.

The opening and vernissage (at which I'll be attending) will be the 18th of april, though the show will be open till the 18th of may.

The "Galleria Studiò" is situated at C. Poerio, 2 in Milan.
You're all invited!

download the poster in PDF

visit Galleria Studiò

Exhibition Colection Lake Inley
.:mars 2009:.





Starting next wednesday 25 of march we inaugurate an exhibition with the Lake Inley Collection, to present my new big sized painting alltogether with some other pieces in pastel.

The show will be established in our gallery in Sitges.
We invite you all to come and visit us.

Gallery in Sitges site

check out the rest of our exhibition

New painting (grand format)
.:february 2009:.


Here I present my last painting.
I started it 7 months ago and finally I finished it.

The truth is that a format this big (170 x 262 cm) needs it's time.
I hope you like it.

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Another video
.:february 2009:.


I upload another video. This time it's some pastels with indian themes composed figuratively a bit differently.

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Video for Jaisalmer
.:january 2009:.


To start this new year, we go with a video from my trip to Jaisalmer in 1988.
I hope you like it.

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Video for Bombay
.:december 2008:.


In the memory of those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks in Bombay, here I post one video (in 2 parts) of the city of how it was in 1988.
I hope you enjoy it.

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Collective Exhibition
.:november 2008:.

Fundación Vicente Ferrer

From 13th november to 23rd january it'll be held in the Centro Cultural Conde Duque in Madrid, a collective exhibition of 70 spanish artists as a benefit act for the Fundación Vicente Ferrer.

I'm very happy to announce that I'm a part of this exhibition! If you're around, try to check it out!

.:november 2008:.


Thanks to a platform like YouTube, this month, finally, we add the first video in our web.
It's a video of 1988 from the journey I took through Nepal.

I hope you'll enjoy it.

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Arte Matriz
.:october 2008:.

A couple of weeks ago I got to know about Arte Matriz, a galery art, market-place of chilean art.
And the truth is that I was astonished.

Paintings, esketches, sculptures, photography, oil paintings...all by artists from Chile with an exceptional quality.

Sometimes it's great to widen our horizons and look far away, to our friends and brothers in Chile and realise that talent knows nothing of border nor latitudes.
I recommend you to give it a look, you won't regret it.

New photography collection
.:septembre 2008:.

We present a new collection of pictures that follow the path of my last collection.

35 photos that are on their own a little piece of art.
Each photograph will be sold a maximum of 3 times with a certificate of authenticity and will let you bring the true essence of Asia to your homes.

You can check the new photography collection here.

A couple of pieces more
.:august 2008:.

Fighting the heat we add 2 new pieces to the collection Miradas de Asia.

More info and details on the page of the complete collection.

Two new pieces
.:june 2008:.

Today we present two new paintings including in the Miradas de Asia collection.

You can check the paintings in big size with the dimension and titles in the page of the complete collection.

More artwork in the web!
.:may 2008:.

Hi my friends!
As a reference and with a hint of nostalgia, we've decided to add to the website a good number of pieces from the Miradas de Asia collection tht are not available.

All of you who are interested can check them out in here.

Exhibition at Europ'Art 2008, Ginebra
.:april 2008:.

From 30th april to 4th may, I'll be travelling to Switzerland, along with El Quatre - Sala d'Art to exhibit at the 17th edition of the International Fair Europ'Art in Geneve.

Will take with us some pieces of the "Miradas de Asia" collection.

Exhibition at San Antón gallery, Pamplona
.:april 2008:.

From the 14th march till 16th april I'm having an exhibition with my colection Miradas de Asia at the Galería San Antón in Pamplona.

You can check the complete available collection here.

We open the new website of José Luís Fuentetaja
.:april 2008:.

After some weeks involved in the works of putting some kind of order in mountains of mountains of graphic material and trying to put them in the proper works, the new website is finally online.

I'd like to give a special mention to a passion of all my lifea and that finally I opted for including it in my work: photography.
We put at your disposal a set of photographs that are pieces of art on themselves.

We offer an authenticity certificate with the promise of printing only three copies of each piece in order to maintain it's limited condition.

You can see most of the current collection at the photography section.
Soon we'll upload more fotos, with some vídeos of my journeys through the East, so don't hesitate to come to my sit whenever you want.


José Luís Fuentetaja

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